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          The official site of Australian Made

          The mark of Aussie authenticity

          Featured Products

          Australian Makers

          The Australian Made Campaign is taking Australians behind the scenes and into the local factories, workshops and farms of some of the country’s most innovative manufacturers with its ‘Australian Makers’ video series. We’re celebrating Australia’s diverse and evolving manufacturing sector and shining a light on the people, processes and stories behind some of our most loved Australian products.

          Australian Made produces partnership with Screen Producers Australia


          Australian Made produces partnership with Screen Producers Australia

          The Australian Made Campaign is partnering with Screen Producers Australia to support the growth of Australia’s screen content industry, welcoming them as its newest Campaign Associate.


          The best of Australia

          Hot cross buns

          Easter has arrived! Here's a recipe for traditional fruit hot cross buns. Serve them fresh, serve them toasted - either way they're guaranteed to disappear in a flash! Best of all these delicious Easter treats can be whipped up with Australian Made, Australian Grown ingredients. Hop to it!

          Case Study

          Australian Botanical Soap: Pure Botanical Australian Made Soap

          Founded in 2005 by John and Scott Apperley, Australian Botanical Soap is an Australian-owned and operated family business dedicated to providing premium quality, natural base soap bars at an affordable price.

          Using the Australian Made logo

          The benefits

          The Australian Made logo makes the 'Australian connection' instantly, clearly and with authority.

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          For exporters

          Let one of our partners help you export your products, or simply access our network of retailers and distributors.

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          How much does it cost?

          Fees go back into promoting the logo, nationwide and around the world. Calculate your fee here.

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          Register your products

          The certification process is quick and easy. Register now and get the Australian advantage.

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          A powerful tool for showcasing Australian manufacturing

          “We use the Australian Made logo on all of our marketing materials and we can confidently say that it has helped us to showcase Australian manufacturing, products, ingenuity and quality here in Australia and in export markets.” ?

          Vernon van der Walt, Assistant Manager, Trayon Campers

          Anthony Horth Gallery...

          Anthony Horth Gallery

          Australian Botanical...

          Elements Jewellery

          Enviro 200P Ultra


          Bedroom Furniture

          Naturally Timber

          Sami jewellery

          Swede Little Things

          Luxe Collection

          Profile Fabrics

          Boral UltraPatch

          Boral Asphalt - Specialty...

          Volanti UAV


          Cushion Covers

          Mount Vic and Me

          HESO Moisturiser

          Happy Skincare

          Our partners

          Proudly supporting Australian Made Campaign and the strength of the logo

          The Australian Made Campaign

          The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL).

          ABN: 20 086 641 527

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